Investment Tenacity On Five Continents

International Multi-Family Firm

An International Multi Family Firm

Gaia is a multi-family investment firm with over twenty-five years of international experience in growing its clients investments.

The firm is committed to its core principle of yielding high-quality returns with unmatched tenacity and integrity.

Business Philosophy

Gaia positions itself to grow and expand a vastly diverse portfolio of high quality assets. The firm prides itself on seizing investment opportunities as they arise with the sole objective of achieving high returns for investors whilst remaining loyal to its core value of unwavering integrity. A team of senior advisors, dedicated to delivering bespoke investment solutions in an ever-changing world, routinely scout for opportunities on five continents.


Established in 2002 in Eastern Europe as an advisory firm to a well-established European family, and quickly expanding its presence to the Middle East, Gaia has grown to become a mature operation fostering dedicated long-term relationships with world-class investors, partners, advisors and a network of consultants across the globe.

Investing in both public and private markets, the firm is dedicated to expanding its knowledge of today’s rapid-fire marketplace to increase its competitiveness and success. Within an atmosphere of continual growth and development, its advisors’ focus remains firmly with investments that yield measurable returns over time.

Investment Process

Gaia’s process is driven by tenacious investment strategies that develop and earn profits consistently over the long-term. A maven team of researchers identifies and captures promising international investment opportunities as they arise.

Each potential investment is then brought to the firm’s advisors who examine it within the context of prevailing market trends and portfolio capacity. The decision to invest is based on decades of a very broad range of experience and unparalleled investment expertise.


Gaia’s advisors are fiduciary professionals with asset protection and risk mitigation at the forefront of the investment process through to realizing investor return of capital.

Investment strategies are followed using a systematic curation process along with thorough due diligence.

Supervision and management are aligned in governance, with the aim to improve operationally for the entire the lifespan of an investment thereby maximising shareholder returns.


Private Equity Investments

A selection of Gaia’s vastly diverse private investments.


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Spun Candy

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The Void

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American Well

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Southwest Energy

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Punta Loros

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Maven Ventures

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PUBLIC Equity Investments

Gaia invests in a broad portfolio of public equities across Asia, Europe and the Americas. While each investment is actively managed, the vast majority are held for long term appreciation.


Philip Haretos
Managing Director

Prior to joining Gaia, Philip Haretos held numerous senior executive roles in ultra-high net worth family offices for over 15 years. His wide-ranging and successful career has included senior posts in asset management firms, real estate enterprises, oil and gas exploration ventures, manufacturing and agricultural trading businesses in a number of companies around the globe.

He began his career as an entrepreneur at the age of 19 while a college student, where he developed an international marketing and distribution company in the Americas and Europe. Philip has been a public speaker on leadership, ethics, human behavior and organizational management for around 25 years. He received a B.A. degree history from the University of Florida.

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